About Unified

The Nation's Leading, Women’s Healthcare Company

About Unified

There are several paths and models from which a private practice can choose to achieve its goal to preserve, sustain or grow. Through your information-gathering process of available options, we understand that it might be difficult to tell the difference or figure out which is the best choice in the short-term as well as for long-term sustainability.

It is Unified’s proprietary model that makes us unique, and it is the benefits that our partners receive that make the true difference. We strive to help our partners lead in their markets with better care and lower costs, while focusing on value-based models.

We at Unified are proud of our history, our evolution to remain relevant, our practice partners, our team of industry experts, and most importantly, the strategic path of our future. We believe that our success stems from our strong dedication to provide our physician partners and their administrative team with what they need – and deserve – to deliver the highest level of care to their patients.

Unified Highlights

  • 1,300 women’s healthcare provider partners nationwide, and growing
  • Located in 9 states and 1 federal district: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington and D.C.
  • Over 2 million women under Unified provider partner care
  • 100,000+ babies delivered annually by Unified provider partners (that’s a delivery every 6 minutes accounting for 1 in every 40 of all births in the U.S.)
  • 5,000+ Unified employees across multiple offices working for our partners

Our collaborative model allows our partner providers and practices to operate at peak performance, monetize the value they have created, and most importantly, achieve a lifestyle balance between work and life.

Learn more about our progress as we have achieved positive results.