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The Nation's Leading, Women’s Healthcare Company

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Who is Unified?

We are partnered with over 900+ affiliated Ob/Gyn physicians and growing. Today, groups practice in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland, Washington, Virginia and D.C. - all under common management with Unified. A Unified affiliated provider delivers a baby every 6 minutes, accounting for 2.5% of all U.S. births. We care for over 2 million women, and our providers are supported by over 300 dedicated healthcare professionals.

What is the Unified Model?

We aspire to be part of the solution with an Ob/Gyn-centric model that will lead to better care and lower costs, all while striving to protect what matters most to physicians:

  • Clinical decision making/providing the best patient care
  • Local operating autonomy
  • Fair compensation

We provide opportunities for physicians to monetize the value they have created, while also delivering the capital and dedicated expertise to invest and grow:

  • Ob/Gyn physician led value-based contracting models
  • Ancillary revenue streams and practice expansion
  • Protecting the infrastructure and your future with compliance, IT and security


Unified strives to make things like value-based contracting, office and medical record technology, purchasing, accounting and human resources run at peak performance.

The founders set out to provide a collaborative model for Ob/Gyn physicians across geographical lines. The rapidly changing medical market dynamics have fueled and accelerated the fulfillment of this vision. The physician leaders of Unified believe that being part of a single-specialty organization provides key advantages and elevates the standing of its doctor members within this complicated healthcare dynamic.

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