Partner Benefits

Partner Benefits



1. Clinical autonomy while remaining physician-led. With compliance and implemented standards, the decision-making and control stays at the local level with the physicians and administrative teams.

2. Access to capital resources to protect and grow the practice.

3. Unified offers wholehearted support to practice administration so they have the time and resources to proactively manage the practice vs. react and “putting out fires.”

4. Access to capabilities and programs to align with the evolving healthcare system. Unified provides the insight and relationships on how to optimize value-based care.

5. Help achieve a stronger work life/balance. Unified wants to care for those who care for others.

6. Bring economic value to the practice and also a long-term participation in the growth of equity in the parent company.


The benefits of a Unified partnership described above just begin to scratch the surface as we always look to personalize our proprietary model based on the specific needs of each partner practice.

The first step to learning more is for our Unified team to learn more about you. We want to understand a prospective partner practice’s needs, goals and priorities so we can best demonstrate how Unified can help through our customized partnership model. We can also discuss how our solutions are different, and discover through our discussions and meetings if your practice would be a good fit to explore this opportunity.