Unified Women's Healthcare of Texas Surpasses 150 Providers

Unified Women's Healthcare of Texas grew to over 150 Ob-Gyn providers in 2016. As the independent practice of medicine becomes more and more challenging Physicians from across Texas have made the decision to partner with the nation's largest single-specialty OB-Gyn group.

As market forces and industry consolidation continue to push change in healthcare, physicians are considering their options for remaining independent but also having a relevant voice in forming policy. UWH's message resonates with most OB-Gyn's who got into medicine to serve the needs of women and children and now feel as if personalized care is disappearing.

UWH provides women's healthcare physicians an alternative model by which they can remain in private practice, rather than joining a hospital system or a multi-specialty group that isn't focused on the specific needs of Ob-Gyns. This singular vision has allowed UWH to spread rapidly throughout the state, as well as the nation, becoming the largest Ob-Gyn Group in a short amount of time.

"UWH doctors are able to focus on the patient and driving value while UWH's management partner assists with the business aspects of the practice. Our partners find that they can improve on quality, efficiency and the patient's overall experience." said Steven A. Suba, M.D., President of Unified Women's Healthcare of Texas.

"In joining the group, physicians immediately gain the expertise of highly skilled professionals who give the doctors the tools and support they need to enjoy their day-to-day work life, while being part of something bigger," said Adam Jay, VP of Practice Development & Marketing. "We make running a successful medical practice easier by providing services and technology on a scale no single women's health practice can do alone."

"I'm thrilled to lead a group where our Ob-Gyn partners can concentrate on patient care excellence while highly trained experts handle accounting, billing and collections, e-health records, human resources, group purchasing and contracting. Now over 1,100 providers, including over 150 in Texas, have joined their colleagues to our mutual advantage," added Dr. Suba.

Providers interested in learning more about Unified Women's Healthcare, PL should email practicedevelopment@unifiedhc.com or call (866) 208-3862.


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